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3 important reasons why your painting contractor needs to be licensed in WA

By Swish | August 27th, 2018 • No Comments

So you’ve finally found the right painting contractor at the right price and you are bursting to say “When can you start?” A word of advice: it’s important to do your due diligence first. The unfortunate reality is, more and more unqualified painters are carrying out sub-standard work these days, and they are leaving many customers out of pocket. Here are the three reasons why your next painting contractor needs to be licensed: 1. Insurance Unlicensed contractors often don’t have insurance. Licensed painting contractors, on the other hand, MUST have Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance cover for a reason. This […]

4 striking colours you can choose for a feature wall

By Swish | August 16th, 2018 • No Comments
4 striking colours you can choose for a feature wall

For a dramatic impact, there is nothing quite like painting walls in bold colours. But, even though we are in awe of those amazingly colourful Italian and French apartments and stately homes, Australians are more conservative and most of us are not quite ready for that overall ‘in-your-face’ effect. So, why not consider a rich dark accent wall or feature wall as it is usually referred to over here. It is budget-friendly and will make an impressive impact in any room. Here are four strong classic feature wall colours to ponder: 1. A Red Blaze It does take a bit […]