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4 vegetables kids will love to grow

By Swish | November 14th, 2018 • No Comments

Nurturing and growing vegetables in your own garden is fun.  Getting children involved in the process teaches them so much, a love of nature, a real understanding of vegetables, where they come from and how good they can taste. Start off with a patch of land (or pots) in a nice sunny position. Add a label spike for each different group of veggies along with your child’s name – it’s a great way to encourage responsibility and ownership.  Here are four yummy veggies to kick start the kids gardening program: Strawberries Strawberries are delicious, colourful, sweet, and loaded with antioxidants […]

5 Renovation Tips that will Add Great Value to your House

By AJ Cochrane | November 1st, 2018 • No Comments
5 Renovation Tips that will Add Great Value to your House

Buying or building a house is one of the most expensive purchases we ever make, so it makes sense to maintain our houses and keep them in a mint condition.  As our houses age, however, there does come a time where simple maintenance is not enough – certain aspects of the house will need to be updated and modernised. Given renovations don’t generally come cheap here are 5 tips which will help your valuable asset keep appreciating, but hopefully won’t break the bank! 1. Rip up the carpet Thanks to the prevalence of allergies, more and more homes are going […]