Achieve the ‘Hampton Look’ in your home with these 5 Simple changes

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Achieve the ‘Hampton Look’ in your home with these 5 Simple changes

Have you always fancied the casual, beachy and elegant American Hampton style home but thought it would be too costly to replicate?  These five simple changes can give your home the Hampton sophistication without breaking the budget. 1. Natural light We are very lucky in Australia as most of our homes have abundance of glass and natural light which is a core element of a Hampton-style home. If you do have a room which is a little dark, don’t despair, installing a few downlights will make a big difference. 2. Use light colours Hampton décor combines lots of natural light, […]

The 6 most popular kitchen splashbacks

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When it comes to the splashback for your kitchen, there are so many options choose from today! Today we break down the six most popular types of kitchen splashback: pros, cons and little style tips. 1. Tiles These are the more traditional option when it comes to splashbacks – the range of sizes and colours are endless. Something that’s come roaring back into fashion is the humble subway tile. Many designers are using it to give a feel that is simultaneously retro and modern. The one thing you have to keep in mind, however, is that with tiles, there are […]

Client Testimonial – July 2017

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The TVR Workshop has had a facelift before we head off on our 2017 USA tour. Thanks to Stephen and Ben Cochrane from AJ Cochrane & Sons – Painting Contractors for the great job on the Epoxy floor. Regards Craig & Brent Vosbergen…  

5 home maintenance tips that will save you money this winter

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The sensational warm winter days we’re having in Perth at the moment belie the fact that some extreme weather could be just around the corner. While the weather is calm, now is a good time to take care of some practical home maintenance jobs. Jobs that will reduce the risk of winter damage to your house and keep your family safe. Clean gutters It’s easy to forget about gutters until they’re overflowing and dumping water where you’d rather they didn’t. All you need to keep them clear is remove any leaves and twigs sitting in them. If you want to […]

4 health reasons why you should have plants indoors

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Most of us would agree, plants always look great in our homes and offices. Just as important as the visual aspect of plants, however, is the health benefit they bring to us. Here are four: 1. Cleaner air Indoor plants have an amazing ability to clean our air – they literally extract the spores and bacteria in the air that surrounds us. Plants also release water into the air, raising the humidity. All these processes help us rebuff respiratory ailments that can easily invade our bodies. Some of the best plants for purifying our offices and homes are: Spider Plant, […]

Client Testimonials – May 2017

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Stephen and his team at AJ Cochrane painters undertook all the exterior painting of our two storey house including the Dulux product “Acraskin” This site is not easy to access and the product required specialist skills, but the team’s can do attitude and extensive experience meant the job was undertaken and finished to a very professional standard. We are delighted with the finished product and would not hesitate to have them back next time round. Cara Leigh Patterson

The 5 best options for kitchen benchtops

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The 5 best options for kitchen benchtops

Kitchens have always been an important hub of the house, and a large and expensive part of any kitchen is the benchtops. If you are renovating or building a new house make sure you take your time to explore the great range of benchtops on offer. It is crucial you choose the benchtop that suits your lifestyle. Here are our top five benchtops, all practical and are gorgeous wrapped into one: 1. Engineered Stone What is there not to love about “Engineered Stone”, no sealing is needed, it is extremely hard wearing and long lasting without the huge price tag. […]

Congratulations Craig Hall!

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This week, Craig Hall was recognised by Broad for the quality workmanship for the supervision and completion of works on the project. The works were completed to a high standard in both safety and quality. A $50 Bunnings voucher was presented to Craig as a recognition of his efforts on the WASSF Upgrade Project. Please join us in recognising Craigs’s efforts.