5 home decorating tips for de-stressing

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5 home decorating tips for de-stressing

Stress, everyone’s life is filled with it. We all have busy hectic lives and it is not unusual to feel anxious after an extremely demanding day at school or work.  With a few décor changes you can create a peaceful home environment which will calm and energise you.  Retrieve your sanity and bring tranquillity back into your home with these five de-stressing tips! 1. Open up a small room Lack of space in a small room could be adding to your anxiety.  Home decorating 101:  How to create an illusion of space and light in a small room.  Paint the […]

Before you start painting – 6 things to consider

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Before you start painting – 6 things to consider

Nothing beats the look of a house that has just been freshly painted. The transformation is instant, adding value overnight. To help ensure you get the professional finish you’re looking for, here are six things to consider 1. Using a primer A primer is predominantly used on surfaces to give the paint something to grip onto and results in a smooth overall finish. If the area has been previously painted you might not need a primer. Test a section. If you can see it is not adhering properly it is a clear indication a primer is required. A new product […]

4 vegetables kids will love to grow

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Nurturing and growing vegetables in your own garden is fun.  Getting children involved in the process teaches them so much, a love of nature, a real understanding of vegetables, where they come from and how good they can taste. Start off with a patch of land (or pots) in a nice sunny position. Add a label spike for each different group of veggies along with your child’s name – it’s a great way to encourage responsibility and ownership.  Here are four yummy veggies to kick start the kids gardening program: Strawberries Strawberries are delicious, colourful, sweet, and loaded with antioxidants […]

5 Renovation Tips that will Add Great Value to your House

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5 Renovation Tips that will Add Great Value to your House

Buying or building a house is one of the most expensive purchases we ever make, so it makes sense to maintain our houses and keep them in a mint condition.  As our houses age, however, there does come a time where simple maintenance is not enough – certain aspects of the house will need to be updated and modernised. Given renovations don’t generally come cheap here are 5 tips which will help your valuable asset keep appreciating, but hopefully won’t break the bank! 1. Rip up the carpet Thanks to the prevalence of allergies, more and more homes are going […]

4 ways to save money when hiring a professional house painter

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A sure way to maintain the true value of your home is to have it painted inside and out before those tell-tale signs of peeling and faking paint appear. Painting is one of the trades most of us think we can do, but a lot of us really don’t have the skills needed or the time. Still, cost is a big factor in our decision-making process. If you want to go for a professional paint job but need to save some money, or make room in your budget for the better quality but higher priced painting contractor, here are four […]

Thinking of doing some painting?

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Here are some tips from the professionals! 1.Preparation Remove any old paint, various stains, cracks, chipped plaster and so on. A new job may need any bumps to be leveled and smoothened. 2. Undercoat Undercoat improves adhesion for the prime coat. Two coats of undercoat are recommended for new work, a single coat for re-painting or touch up work. 3. Check the surface After applying the undercoat, the surface may not be completely smooth and another round of smoothing the surface in preparation to the prime coat may be required. 4. Prime coat The first coat of painting is the […]

10 questions to ask a professional house renderer

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10 questions to ask a professional house renderer

Most of us spend a quite a bit of time and money on the interior of our houses but over the years very little love and attention goes into caring for the exterior of our homes. A professional exterior paint job can rejuvenate lots things but if you have a brick home, painting the bricks often doesn’t seem to cut it! Happily, there is another option. Why not render your home’s exterior walls? The aesthetic benefits of a professional render job will transform and modernise the look of your home while at the same time preventing corrosion from the sun, […]

A few tips to tackle now that Spring has arrived

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I usually find that winter is not my favourite time of the year, and some of the need to do jobs” around the house get left for the warmer weather. Here are a few that have been waiting for a while. Clean the windows During winter I tend to forget the windows. It’s time to arm myself with some paper towel, Windex, and whatever else is needed to get the job done. As the weather warms up it doesn’t hurt to open them up and let in some fresh air and warm sun in. Tidy up the garage If you […]